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How does it work?

1. Choose your design

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2. Tell us more

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3. Launch your site

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Why do you need an Expert?

More time

You can now focus on other aspects of your business while our Pro focuses on your website.

Faster delivery

By hiring our Pro, your website will be up and running in a very short time. Your first draft will even be ready between 3-5 days.

Excellent design

All our Pros are individually screened by Kala to ensure your designs come out beautiful and perfect.

Extra values

SEO, online advertising, or whatever business need you might have, our Pros are there to put you through.

Committed Expert

Our Experts are committed to your web success and are always available to personally answer your questions about your internet presence.

Want more services?

We are interested in your business success. So we have Experts that are passionate about helping you in other areas of your business.
Take a look at some extra services they can help you with...

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Frequency Asked Questions

Running your day to day business tasks is already enough work. Our Experts will help you take off the task of building your website by building great looking websites that reflects your brand, while you focus on other important aspects of your business. Kala will link you to experienced web Professional who understands what your business needs are.
Using Kala is very easy. First, you pick a site from our gallery, and then answer few questions about your choice. From your answers, an Expert will contact you to further discuss your website needs. Findings from these discussions will be used to build a new website for you. There will be two rounds of revision to ensure the Expert builds exactly what you want.
When all is as requested by you, our Expert helps you launch the website to the world. Subsequent update of the website can be done by you or you hire our Expert to update it for you according to your schedule.
If your needs goes beyond what our package offers, our Expert will assist you come up with a plan that will meet your need.
Different persons have different needs and so our site might not fit perfectly to what you need. But that is not a problem. You can use our custom option to let our Experts know exactly you need, so they can give you a custom quote.
If your need goes beyond a responsive website, like email marketing, mobile web design, search engine optimization, marketing, graphic design and printed marketing materials, just contact us and submit your request, and one of our Experts will get back to you with possible solutions.
The time varies with your website needs. But our Expert are there to ensure that it takes as little as 72 hours to get your first draft. Normally, your first revision should be due within five business days.
You choose your design before contacting our Expert. On delivery of the site, you are given two rounds of revisions to ensure the site looks just the way you like it.
For your new site, our Expert will work with you to come up with the following:
- title of pages
- page descriptions
- keywords
- alternate text for images
Critical for the major search engines, is mobile friendliness. So our Expert ensures your website is mobile friendly.
On selecting our Expert, your new site will be connected to your existing domain. If you do not already have an existing domain, our Expert will give you a quote on the cost of acquiring a new domain.
Our Expert are always available for additional work when contacted. The knowledge and skills required to manage your website is at their fingertips. But if you would want to manage your site yourself, kindly contact our support team by sending a mail to support@kala.io
As our client, you have full access to your Kala website manager. As this does not always work for everyone, our Expert will always be available with maintenance packages to assist you long after publishing your site.
What we have here is just a list of the most frequently asked questions from our clients. For answers to questions not covered here, send us an email to support@kala.io

Key Benefits

Professionally designed layout

Each Kala expert is an expert in design and can provide you with a sleek, modern website that will look great on desktop tablet and mobile.

Fast Results, Quick Delivery

Have your website fully ready within a few days. You will only be in charge of supplying your desired content and requirements and sit back to watch it happen.

The Expert Build It, You Own It

Once your site is ready, you'll be given full access so you can make changes whenever you want.

Consult your expert how to improve

Wondering how you can take your web presence to the next level? Just ask your Kala expert about additional services and marketing opportunities.

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