"Service order" solution

"Service order" module gives your surfers the ability to submit order for pre-defined available services. Website manager can define the available services, suppliers, locations, time slots and availability. Orders made by users are reviewed and manage through the admin system.

Advanced form builder

Kala include a friendly tool for generating and customizing contact forms, RSVP lists, and surveys. Integrate these elements into your website for a variety of unique engagement and data gathering options. Any form can be generated with Kala!

Analytics & Insights

Get informed with statistics at admin panel dashboard and a rich analysis dashboard. Kala provides actionable insights per page and allow using their values filter and sort display of content, menus or search results. Use the statistics in order to learn about your content and marketing...

Marketing platform

Kala supplies powerful marketing tools that will help you convert online visitors into customers. Use Kala as your single place to manage and monitor many different marketing flows.

Highend technology

Kala is one of the most technically advanced CMS (content management system) out there. It uses extremely low system resources while providing high performance. Pages typically load quickly, and have fast response times than those made with WordPress, Joomla or even Drupal.

SEO optimization & boosting

Kala system was built with a strong emphasis on creating optimal site structure for achieving the best search engine results. Integrate easily with SEO tools like webmaster tools and google analytics, and see data right on your admin panel dashboard, no need to log in separately to each tool....

Drag & Drop Visual editor

Edit and customize site elements, no coding necessary. Easily drag and drop all types of content & widgets. We provide live stage for your creativity.

Multilingual Content

Kala support translating your website into multiple languages, which is the first step to grow your business to new markets. With Kala you can easily manage content in any number of languages. Highlighted sub-features Create translation of any page with one click Option to define the...

Hosting & server management

Website must be hosted on a powerful and stable servers in order to be available and provide quick page load response. Slow server speed affects search ranking!  Google officially confirmed that web pages load speed & server performance, comes into the algorithm which decide...

Web communities and memberships

Kala websites has the ability to use "Members" bundle. This feature reveals member abilities like: Members registration in website Creating custom form for registration / login Pages restriction for registered members Members groups Registration with payment Option to allow...

Advanced features for developers

Custom Less/CSS implementation and control over style variables Manage your own HTML templates for pages lists, menus, galleries and any collection you want Full control over page HTML layout, and option to create custom layouts Set your own custom attributes for pages, members and leads, and...

Design features

  .title}} Kala offers a variety of ready-to-use design templates. All templates are designed responsivly to support any screen size. The templates contains examples for different Pages &...

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