Web communities and memberships

Kala websites has the ability to use "Members" bundle. This feature reveals member abilities like:
  • Members registration in website
  • Creating custom form for registration / login
  • Pages restriction for registered members
  • Members groups
  • Registration with payment
  • Option to allow members to add pages to the website

Members List

  • View list of all members, with smart search filtering
  • Import members by CSV. credentials for created members will be sent automatically. optional additional email selection that will be sent all members created. Membership expiration date.
  • Each member can have custom attributes that generated for your specific website.

Member Roles

  • Member Roles managment.
  • Member Registration widgets can include multiple Member Roles.
  • Specific Pages access can be restricted to Members subscribed to specific Member Role
  • Member Role can have a price and registering it will require payment via PayPal

Content management by Members

  • Pages creation form widget can be injected in any page and allow members to add and manage pages
  • Widget settings allow to restricted adding pages as sub-pages of specific pages and to define if added pages will be published automaticaly or manually after review.
  • This feature can be used to collect Testimonials, Reviewes, Blog posts, Mini sites, Profile pages or any other content that will be added and managed by the users themselves.