"Service order" solution

"Service order" module gives your surfers the ability to submit order for pre-defined available services.
Website manager can define the available services, suppliers, locations, time slots and availability. Orders made by users are reviewed and manage through the admin system.


Suppliers page

  • Each supplier of service can have his own supplier page which he can manage.
  • Supplier page will include available services widget that will list the services and link to order them online

Service order

  • Users can order services by submitting Order service form widget.
  • The widget can be implemented in a restricted page in case only specific members should be able to submit service orders.
  • User will have to choose the desired Service and then he will have to select Supplier, Location and service length. after choosing all those, available time slots will appear for selection.
  • User will not be able to order a service for a time slot that was taken by other users.

Cancel service

  • Users will be able to cancel future orders by using a Cancel order service widget while being logged in.
  • There is an option to define the numbers of days before service, which user can cancel an ordered service without having to pay cancellation fee.


  • Available services management.
  • Each service include a description and related email template that will be sent once ordered.
  • Location details will be included in emails for ordered services made in this location.
  • Available locations management.
  • Option to define a coordinator per location which will get notified about orders related to that location.
  • Manage available suppliers as Website members with "Supplier" member role.
  • Define what services are supported by specific Supplier members.
Service Prices
  • Option to define the price of service per Service, Supplier and length.
  • Define date range avilabilities of Supplier per locations.
Ordered Services
  • List of Orders made for services.
  • Smart filters: User details, Supplier, Location, Date range, Status, more...
Automatic email reminders
  • X Days before ordered service date, the user that ordered will receive an email reminder with information about the location.
  • Another notification will be sent one day before ordered service date.
  • Location coordinators will receieve a daily report that will include all ordered services scheduled for tomorrow


  • Define the minimum days required for ordering a future service.
  • Define the minimum days for order cancellation.
  • Define cancellation fee in case the minimum days are passed.