Technical FAQ

In case your question is not listed below, just leave us a note, and you will get answered within 24h.

How to embbed widgets in pages?

  1. Edit the page that you wish to add the widget into
  2. Press the "Visual editor" tab on the bottom
  3. Press on the "+Add elements" orange button to the right
  4. Drag "Widget" into the page
  5. Choose if you wish to use existing widget or to "Add new widget" (Choosing a widget is being done by pressing on it's "Select" action button that is shown upon mouse over it's row.

How does Kala website structure works?

Kala websites are constructed in a flexible way that provides full control over design and content.
Each page at Kala is made out of 4 main entities: Grid, Areas, Widgets and Content area.

How to embed facebook or google remarketing in all website pages?

  1. Press on Scripts under the Settings menu (gear icon)
  2. Press "Add script" button and type the following values in the inputs
    • Title = Remarketing tag
    • Placement = Before </body> end tag
    • Language = keep on "- All -" (You will see this option only if your website is multilingual)
    • Page = keep on "- All -"
    • Page type = keep on "- All -"
    • Code = Paste the code as was given by Google or Facebook
  3. In order to verify that you successfully injected the script, we highly recommend to download and use the following Chrome extensions: Facebook And Google

How do I change the fields in the contact form?

  1. Press on Widgets in the top menu in Admin
  2. Press on the title of the contact form. It's type will be "Lead form" and you might have more than one widgets, so make sure you edit the one you want.
  3. In the "Form builder" section you can see the fields that will be used in the form.
  4. You can add, edit, remove or drag form fields in order to set their position.

How do I edit the header / footer / sidebar area?

From website:

  1. In admin menu, click on 'Areas'. (Make sure you are logged in as admin before you go to the website)
  2. Green buttons will appear in the screen. Press on the area you wish to edit
From Admin:
  1. Go to "Areas" section, which appears in the sub-menu that is shown when pressing the Cog icon on the top menu 
  2. Press on the name of the area that you wish to edit, or it's "Edit" action button
  3. Make the changes that you want.

How to publish my website?

  1. Go to "Settings" section, using the Cog icon on the top menu
  2. In case your website is multilingual, choose the specific language that you wish to publish in the languages picker at the bottom, or choose All languages if you wish to publish all languages at once.
  3. Press the first section to show it's content: "Basic settings"
  4. Turn the "Publish website" feature on

Connecting Kala site to a custom domain

Do you want to use a domain you already purchased or plan to? No problem! 
You're more than welcome to do so. just follow the following instructions that explain how to configure your domain in your registrar.