SEO optimization & boosting

Kala system was built with a strong emphasis on creating optimal site structure for achieving the best search engine results.

Integrate easily with SEO tools like webmaster tools and google analytics, and see data right on your admin panel dashboard, no need to log in separately to each tool.

Here's a list of features, settings and tools that affects your website ranking in search results:
  • Super fast servers response & pages load
  • Full control over the page URL slug. all languages are supported.
  • Full control over meta tags per Page, with option to set dynamic tags per page types
  • Manage URL Redirects (301 ) for website transfers or pages URL change
  • Get alert when users surf to an unknown URL
  • Internal search engine and popular searches list
  • Sitemap page with links to all public pages
  • Easy creation of sitemap XML that is used for scaning the website by search engines
  • Automatic Canonical tags for eliminating duplicate content issues
  • Option to set your custom Robots.txt definitions

We also offer "Premium SEO" service to enhance your site and raise its online ranking. For more information Contact us