Connecting Kala site to a custom domain

Do you want to use a domain you already purchased or plan to? No problem! 
You're more than welcome to do so. just follow the following instructions that explain how to configure your domain in your registrar.

Connecting an outside domain to your site requires that you change the domain's DNS records to point them to our server's IP Address (

What is DNS and what does it do?

DNS configuration are the settings that explain the world what should happen when someone type your domain in the browser.
Basically, what you have to configure, is to tell the world that your domain point our server.

Parking your domain at your registrar

In order to control your domain DNS settings, you first have to make sure it is parked in your registrar, you can usually choose to park your domain in the Nameservers or DNS section.
When your domain is parked at your registrar, you will be able to manage it's DNS settings and configure the required settings. Look for "Edit DNS Records" section (or some variation of that)
Did not find the DNS section at your registrar website? contact us nd let us know what is your domain registrar, so we can help you locate it.


Edit DNS Records

The DNS section usually include list of many records in use and a bunch of blank records.  All you care about - and all you need to change - are the records relating to www and @.  You have to make sure you have 2 DNS Records pointing to our servers.
Their configuration should include the following settings:

  • Record type = A record (You will see other record types, make sure to use "A record" or sometimes simple "A")
  • Hostname =  "@" in one record, and "www" in the second (value should not contain the quote characters)
  • Address =
If you already have existing records, just make sure to update each of those records and point it to

Note that it can take your registrar up to 48 hours to update their servers with a change like this one.  It usually doesn't take more than a few hours, but this is something to keep in mind. 

Connecting the domain to your site

Now that you have your purchased domain name is pointing to your site, you should contact us and let us know that all is ready on your side.