​​Hotjar is an analytics tool that lets you see how visitors behave on your website. It records every website visitor action in order to learn and tell how to better convert your visitors into customers.

Hotjar provides marketing oriented features and insights that will help you improve your website’s content and design to drive more traffic.

Insights gathered by this tool are stored securely in cloud and can be accessed any time straight away.

Hotjar is not totally free, but offers a free trial that can be used for long time without paying a dime.

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Hotjar include many tracking services, here are the most interesting ones:
  • Heatmaps - See where your visitors clicks, moves or tap with their mouse, so you can understand better how they actually user your website
  • Video Playback - See how users interact with different parts of your website or web app.
  • Funnel tracking - Configure funnel flow and watch it's live statistics.
  • Form tracking, polls, surveys, user recruitment and more...