Creating a Kala website
Compared to open source systems like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal

Many users ask us:
Why should I use Kala over open source solution like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal?

So we created this table that compare between the solutions:
Comparison subject Kala based Website or Landing page Website created using Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal
  • Powerful and stable servers that are constantly updated.
  • Around the clock monitoring and immediate error handling.
  • Requires hosting by website owner, another person or company.
  • Hosting price vary between contractors and does not reflect the stability or speed of the server
Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimal website structure by search engine demands.
  • Constant structure updates in order to match changed requirements.
  • Advanced SEO features, meta control options and integration with 3rd party tools & services
  • Optimization abilities are limited by the selected open source defaults
  • In case you wish to make changes, you need a technical person with required knowledge & experience
New versions & Upgrades
  • Automatic background system updates and upgrades to improve system efficiency, features, SEO and user friendly improvements
  • All Kala websites enjoy using the last version and all it's new features
  • Upgrading is possible whenever a new version is published, but upgrade is done on your own risk.
  • Having a technical person to do upgrades for you will cost more money
  • Not all plugins are supported by new versions and finding this out after upgrade can have bad affect on your website, business and mood.
  • Fully supported by a skilled technical team with vast experience and knowledge in operating Kala system
  • You can contact us in several different ways such as online support, chat ,email ,phone
  • Issues happen to your visitors are automatically begin notified to a support team to investigate.
  • You can get support by google or pay a technical person some money.
  • No setup fee (For pre-defined design templates)
  • No monthly fee for the "forever free" plan
  • Pay by usage - You can upgrade to a plan that match your personal needs and pay fair price.
  • Setup requires a technical person or company, specially if you want more than the basics
  • Hosting your website requires a contract with an hosting company. Those are the one that the person who setup the website for you will tell you to contact when your website will go down from time to time.
  • Any Upgrade / Error handling / Big change will require a technical person or company and some money spending.
What else?
  • The website and the admin panel are responsively designed in a way that suits all mobile devices.
  • You have a full control over website management and design. With Kala the sky is not a limit.
  • Smart widgets that behave differently by the page context. With Kala you website can be smarter.
  • Innovative Leads collection system with special tools for measuring the success of your marketing actions
  • A WP White Security study found that a staggering 73% of all WordPress installations had known vulnerabilities that could easily be detected using automated tools.
  • Cyber criminals have long discovered these security holes, with over 170,000 WordPress sites being hacked last year.
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